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Stage 3: Full, non-GDL
Driver’s licence (Class 5) 

To become a fully licensed driver you must:
 have been suspension free for the
      last twelve months of the 
      probationary stage
 pass the advanced road test 

It will take a minimum of three years
to complete both the learner’s and
probationary stages of the program.

Exiting the GDL program

Exiting the GDL program is not
mandatory. However, if you do exit from
GDL you will:
• move from a class 5-GDL to a full
  class 5 driver’s licence
• qualify to re-class to a class 1, 2, 3,
  or 4 driver’s licence
• increase the number of demerits
  you are allowed
• remove the zero alcohol tolerance
• be able to be an accompanying
  driver to a learner

To exit the GDL program you must:
be in the probationary stage for
       a minimum of two years
 be suspension free for the last
       twelve months of the two-year
      probationary stage
 pass the advanced road test



Knowledge test

To obtain your learner’s driver’s licence,
you will need to pass a knowledge test.
You can take your knowledge test at
most Alberta Registry Agent offices. The
test is based on questions taken from
this guide. You will be asked about safe
driving practices, driving laws and road

The test is 30 multiple choice
questions and you must score a minimum
of 25 correct responses out of 30
to pass the test. You will do the test on a

When you pass the knowledge test
you must take the knowledge test permit
you purchased to do the test to a registry
agent to ensure your driver's licence
is updated. The test permit is not a
driver’s licence.

The electronic driver knowledge test is
available in the following 10 languages:
• English
• Arabic
• Chinese (Traditional)
• Farsi
• French
• Hindi
• Punjabi
• Spanish
• Tagalog (Philippines)
• Vietnamese

There is a fee for each knowledge test
that you take, and you can take only one
test per day.


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