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The advanced road test

The advanced road test determines
whether a probationary driver has gained
the necessary advanced driving skills and
experience under challenging conditions
to become a fully licensed driver. You
will need to pass this test to exit the
Graduated Licensing Program and be a full
class 5 (non-GDL) driver.

This road test is approximately
60 minutes, including your driver
examiner’s pre-test instructions and
summary of your results. The advanced
road test will also include:
  • a variety of intersection types, including
    uncontrolled ‘T’ intersections
  • high speed roadways of 80 to 100 km/hr
  • merging on the highway, with
    acceleration and deceleration lanes
  • high volume traffic areas
  • parking – an angle or perpendicular
    park. The advanced test does include
    a parallel and hill park.

Some common reasons for
not passing the road tests

• Exceeding the minimum number of
  points for errors.

Regardless of the number of points
for errors, the following are some of the
reasons for automatic failure:
• Exceeding the speed limit or driving
  too fast for the conditions.
• Failing to stop completely before
  proceeding through an intersection
  controlled by a stop sign, or before
  turning right on a red light.
• Failing to yield the right of way at an
  intersection or during a lane change.

• Obstructing traffic by driving too
  slowly or stopping unnecessarily.
• Climbing over the curb while parking,
  or being unable to park legally in
  three attempts.
• Failing to slow or observe adequately at
  uncontrolled intersections (you must be
  prepared to yield to drivers to your right).

When you pass a  road test you must
take the road test permit you purchased
to do the test to a registry agent to ensure
your driver's licence is updated. The test
permit is not a driver’s licence.

Types of vehicles
for licence class

Class 7 (GDL)

A person 14 years of age or older may
apply for a Learners Driver’s Licence.

A parent or guardian must give
consent on the application if the person
applying is under 18 years of age.For
learning and while accompanied by a
full licensed driver, the holder of a class
7 driver’s licence may operate, the
• a vehicle or vehicle-trailer combination
  that the holder of a Class 5 driver’s
  licence may operate
• a motorcycle (must be 16 years of
   age or older when learning with
   a supervisor who holds a Class 6 non
   -GDL licence)
• a moped

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