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(ii) that is used or intended to be used for
the transportation of persons, and includes
any other commercial vehicle designated
as a bus by regulation;

“Q” Endorsement

A “Q” endorsement is placed on any
class of driver’s licence, except Class
1, when a driver successfully completes
an approved Alberta air brake course
through an authorized organization. Since
it is not possible to get a Class 1 licence
without the driver first having qualified for
an air brake endorsement, the actual “Q”
endorsement will not appear on the Class
1 licence. For information on taking an
approved air brake course, please contact
a Driver Programs Administrator at:

Edmonton 780–427–8901
or Calgary 403–297–6679
For toll free service from anywhere in
Alberta, call 310-0000.

“S” Endorsement

Drivers who have a Class 1, 2 or 4
licence can apply for the school bus
driver endorsement condition code “S”
to be placed on their licence when they
successfully complete the School Bus
Driver Improvement Program.

NOTE: Effective September 1, 2011 the
holder of a Safety Fitness Certificate issued
under Alberta’s National Safety Code
program shall not allow a person to
operate a school bus (school bus as
defined under Section 1(1) (k) of the
Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation 

AR121/2009) that is transporting students
to and from school pursuant to Section
19 (1) of the Commercial Vehicle Safety
Regulation 121/2009, unless within 12
months of first hiring the driver, the driver
has successfully completed the School
Bus Driver Improvement course that
has been approved by the Registrar.
Subsequently, the driver must have the
appropriate “S” endorsement on their
driver’s licence. 

This condition does not apply to operators
of a school bus while conducting school
field trips or other trips unrelated to school

School bus

Section 1(1) (k) of the Commercial Vehicle
Safety Regulation;
(k) “school bus” means a bus that meets
the requirements of a Type A1, A2, B, C or
D school bus described in CSA Standard
D250-2007 and that is used primarily to
transport students to and from a school;


Means a trailer that:
   (i) has axles only at or near its rear end;
   (ii) while being towed, is supported at
  its front end by the truck tractor or the
  immediately preceding trailer;
  (iii) when connected to the truck tractor
 or preceding trailer, is connected by means
 of a kingpin and a fifth wheel;

14  A Commercial Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing

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