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Two bars mean there is only one
articulation point. The result is that the
trailer moves less from side-to-side. To
improve performance even more, double
drawbar converters have a self-steering axle.

When driving a C train, check that the air
pressure on the self-steering axle is within
the manufacturer’s standards. If the air
pressure falls too low, the wheels will steer
too much and the unit becomes unstable.
This can lead to skid steering, which can
damage the converter and hitch.

C train - example of a unit connected by a type
C converter dolly.

Link-up arrangement

When linking two or more trailers to a
towing unit, always hook the heaviest
trailer directly to the tractor. The lightest
trailer should be the furthest away from
the towing unit. This rule applies no matter
how long each trailer is. If the trailers are
not joined according to weight, the unit will
be unstable. The rear trailer will sway and
control of the unit could be lost.


Rocky Mountain Double


Turnpike Double

Operating long
combination vehicles

When a permit is issued according to
Section 62 of the Traffic Safety Act
authorizing the movement of Long
Combination Vehicles (LCVs), a list of
general provisions must be followed. Some
of these provisions are listed below.

 NOTE: For a complete, current list of all
 provisions, carriers who wish to operate
 LCVs should contact the Transport
 Engineering Branch at (403) 340-5189.
 For toll-free service from anywhere in
 Alberta, call 310-0000. 

46   A Commercial Driver’s Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing 

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