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drive a vehicle that has a specific feature,
like a vehicle with air brakes.

Each condition or endorsement has a
letter code attached to it and may be shown
on the driverís licence. Conditions and
endorsements specific to you are placed
on the front of the licence, in the Cond/End
section. Some of the condition codes and
endorsements have an explanation on the
back of the driverís licence.


A Adequate Lenses
B Special Conditions
C Periodic Medical
D Periodic Vision Report*
E Periodic Driver Examination*
F Reenrollment required
H Daylight Driving Only
J Mirrors Outside
K Automatic Transmission
L Hand Controls
M Under Alberta Transportation
Safety Board Review*
N Excludes Class 2 and 4
P Testing to be conducted by
Provincial Examiner only*
T Special Medical*


Q Air Brakes
S School Bus
V Extended Length Vehicle
U Completed Driver
Education Course*

*Do not appear on the driverís licence.

Re-classing your

When re-classing your driverís licence
(excluding class 7 to class 5), you must
present proof that you have completed a
knowledge test and vision test through a
registry agent office.

Re-classing your driverís licence
from your current class to a class 1, 2 or
4 licence will also require a medical
report. See the medical requirements
section for more information.

A fee is charged for each knowledge
test, road test, and for the final licence
re-classification service. For information
regarding current fees, contact a registry
agent office or driver examiner. Road test
fees may vary between registry agent

Driving with the wrong licence class is
against the law. It is an offence for vehicle
owners to allow their vehicle to be used
by someone who does not have the
proper class of licence for that vehicle.

Replacing your
Alberta driverís

If your driverís licence is lost, stolen,
destroyed or is unreadable, you must
apply for a replacement immediately at a
registry agent office.

If your driver's licence is stolen,
you must report it to the police, and
provide a copy of the police report to
the registry agent when you apply for
your replacement. All services for your
driverís licence must be done in person.


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