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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) - Background

Project Objectives Study Area Work Plan Study Team

In response to continuous demand for safe and efficient flow of goods and people as well as the emergence of a nationwide trend for just-in-time delivery, Alberta Transportation has developed an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan (pdf 568K). The Plan provides a high level strategic vision for the future of ITS in Alberta's transportation system. It also serves as a roadmap for Alberta Transportation in setting out the direction and strategies for a systematic and focused approach to ITS development and deployment. Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary has been identified in the Strategic Plan as a priority corridor to serve as a testbed for ITS initiatives.

Based on the Strategic Plan, Alberta Transportation has initiated a project to study the needs and develop plans for advanced transportation technologies along the Highway 2 corridor between Edmonton and Calgary. These technologies, known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), are potential tools to help monitor and manage traffic flow, detect and clear incidents and provide travellers with real-time information on traffic congestion and road conditions. The project will also investigate the feasibility of a province-wide road and weather information network for Alberta's provincial highways in support of a Canada-wide road weather information system.

Alberta Transportation will cost share the project with Transport Canada under the Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program. Delcan Corporation in association with Infrastructure Systems Limited, Earth Tech Canada, Mark F. Pinet and Associates Limited and Western Ergonomics, Inc. have been retained to undertake the project.

Recommendations for appropriate ITS technologies will address specific safety and operational priorities where and when needed. To achieve this, a consultation process has been included to obtain input from key stakeholders representing a wide range of perspectives