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Even during the most serious emergency,
an emergency medical operator must
consider the safety of others.
When parking an emergency vehicle,
the law states:
· Where, considering the
circumstances, it is reasonable and
safe, an emergency vehicle may,
while its flashing lights are operating,
be parked contrary to any provision
that is prescribed by the Act, this
or other regulations or a municipal
bylaw governing the parking of
motor vehicles.

Defensive driving


Always use headlights along with the
emergency overhead lights.

Lights and sirens

Sirens are required by law when an
ambulance is operating during an
emergency. Using the red flashing
overhead lights alone is not sufficient. Do
not let the emergency sirens and lights
give you a false sense of security. These
warning devices are for the benefit of the
public. Most drivers will clear the path if
they know the ambulance is there. Do not
assume that other drivers have seen your
vehicle or that they will move out of the
way. The responsibility for safe driving rests
on you, the emergency vehicle driver.

Other factors

As an emergency medical operator, it
is important to identify those situations
that could result in a collision. Driving
movements that can contribute to
collisions are:
poor road position
changing lanes
lack of awareness of the unit size that
can lead to side swipes on the blind
right side
driving too fast for conditions

If you approach an intersection with
cross traffic, slow down and if practical,
stop briefly. Make eye contact with the
other drivers at the intersection and
proceed when you have been seen by
them. Be even more careful at pedestrian
crossings. Many pedestrians, including
school children, may not be aware that an
ambulance is coming toward them.

If you are driving on a four-lane highway
with the lights and siren activated, stay in
the left lane if possible.

When reaching the scene of a collision,
park the vehicle so it protects the injured
person(s) and the attendant. Keep the
flashing lights activated and turn on the
headlights so that the vehicle is clearly
visible to other drivers.

Operating a taxi

As the driver of a taxi, your first and most
important concern is safety. You will
encounter numerous challenges in the
driving task, and will need to be aware


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