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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) - Background

Project Objectives Study Area Work Plan Study Team

The project consists of three phases, described as follows:

Phase 1 - Assessment:

In this initial phase the needs for ITS within the study area are identified and assessed through a review of existing data and conduct of an outreach program with targetted stakeholders. Preliminary concepts for the deployment of ITS to address the needs are identified and a preliminary evaluation conducted.

Phase 1 - Blueprint Development:

In phase 2 the concepts and candidate systems identified previously are evaluated in more detail to assess technological, operational and institutional issues. This evaluation would include a best practices review, development of a physical architecture and identification of architecture interconnects (using the ITS Architecture for Canada) and interface standards, investigation of partnership opportunities, institutional and jurisdictional issues, risk analysis and benefit/cost analysis.

Phase 3 - Final Blueprint Report:

In this final phase of the project a staged implementation plan is developed complete with functional plans and equipment specifications. The functional plans include details on equipment location, integration of existing systems and equipment, operational procedures and risk analysis.

Project Phase Timeline