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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) - Background

Project Objectives Study Area Work Plan Study Team

Alberta Transportation has developed a high level vision (ITS Strategic Plan) implementing ITS.  The intent of this project is to translate the departmental ITS vision into a set of functional plans and in some cases, detailed designs, for the ITS components identified for the Highway 2 corridor.

The objective of Alberta Transportation in conducting this project are to:

  • Enhance traffic safety and operations along the Highway 2 corridor between Edmonton and Calgary, with t e initial focus on the area near Red Deer;

  • Enhance traffic safety and operations and reduce/control congestion on Deerfoot Trail within Calgary;

  • Enhance future traffic safety and operations of Anthony Henday Drive in Edmonton;

  • Ensure opportunities exist to integrate identified solutions with adjacent municipal ITS plans;

  • Enhance winter maintenance performance on the designated National Highway System in Alberta; and

  • Deploy ITS solutions in a cost-effective well-planned manner.