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Other signs


A slow-moving vehicle sign is placed on
the back of vehicles that travel less than
40 km/h, such as farm tractors,
machinery or construction equipment.
This sign warns drivers to be prepared to reduce
their speed.


This sign indicates a wide load is being
transported. Use caution when passing
vehicles displaying this sign.


The speed limit in construction zones
must be obeyed at all times. This applies
even when people and equipment are
not working, since hazards like bumps,
fresh oil and loose gravel may be present.
If workers are present, the fines in these
areas will be doubled.
• Obey the flag person’s signal.
• Be prepared to slow down and stop
if required.

The following are some of the warning
signs regarding road construction:

People working
Flag person
Survey crew ahead
Uneven pavement

Detour next # km

Construction zone ends


CHAPTER TWO                                                                                                         TRAFFIC CONTROL  37

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