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 Solid white lines indicate that lane changing
 is not permitted.

 Broken white lines indicate that lane changing
 is permitted.


Symbols may be used on the pavement
to supplement standard signs or by
themselves to warn drivers, or to regulate
or guide traffic. These markings include:


Arrows indicate the vehicle movements
permitted in a lane.


On a two way left turn lane, the centre lane of
the road is shared and reserved for left turning
traffic travelling in either direction.


Diamond markings indicate that a lane is
reserved for specific vehicles. There may
also be signs that will indicate time or
vehicle restrictions.


Shared-use lanes

Reserverd bicycle lane ahead

Bicycle lanes are painted in the curb
lane of the road with bicycle-shaped
stencils and street signage. Bicycle lanes
can also be positioned beside a row of
parking spots. Vehicles are not allowed
to drive in the bicycle lanes, except when
needing to turn or enter/exit a parking
spot. The bicycle lane paint line is usually
dashed near corners to indicate that it
is permitted to enter the bicycle lane to
turn right. Be very careful and watch for
bicycles when entering the bicycle lane
when turning.

Bicycle lane markings

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