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• Always check that the head restraint
  for each passenger is adjusted to the
  correct height.

A properly adjusted head restraint protects
the head and neck.


Adjust your inside and
outside rear view mirrors

Set your rear view mirrors in the
correct position.
• Adjust your inside rear view mirror to
  show as much behind you as possible
  by having the rear window framed within
  the mirror.
• Adjust the outside side view mirrors
  to reduce blind spots. You should be
  able to see your own vehicle in a small
  portion of the side view mirror closest to
  the vehicle.

Fasten your seat belt

Fasten your seat belt and shoulder strap
correctly. Seat belts save lives and reduce
injuries, and provide the greatest protection
when worn properly. The law requires you
to wear your seat belt.
• Wear the lap belt low and snug over
  your hips. The shoulder belt must fit
  over your chest and shoulder.
• Do not tuck the shoulder belt behind
  your back or under your arm.


• You are still required to wear your seat
  belt when in a vehicle with air bags.

Seat belt use is required by law

When you are ready to go, do
the following:
• Check to be sure your intended path
  of travel is clear.
• Check your inside and outside mirrors.
• Do a shoulder check to be sure
  your blind spots are clear.

If you are moving away from the right
side of the road, use your left turn signal
to indicate that you are entering traffic. If
you are on the left side of a one way road,
use your right turn signal. In this situation,
it can be difficult to see traffic clearly from
the driver’s seat.

Driving a vehicle
with an automatic

A vehicle with an automatic
transmission allows the driver to place
the vehicle in a gear that will allow the
transmission to change the vehicle’s
forward gears automatically as speed
increases and decreases.

CHAPTER THREE                                                                                              THE BASICS OF DRIVING   43

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