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• Use your low-beam headlights if there
   is oncoming traffic, even when the
   highway is divided.
• Be sure that your headlights are
   properly aimed so that they do not
   bother or interfere with other drivers.
• Keep your headlights clean.
• Avoid looking directly at oncoming
   headlights so they do not blind you.
   Look slightly down and to the right
   edge of your driving lane until the vehicle 
    passes you.

Visibility is reduced at night. Do not
overdrive your headlights. Travel at
a speed that allows you to respond
safely or stop in the distance lit by your


Glare from the sun, reflections, and the
lights of other vehicles can affect your vision
in the daytime or at night. If glare makes it
difficult to see the road, reduce your speed.
Ensure your vehicle’s windows are properly
cleaned inside and outside to improve



In smoke and fog, use low beam
headlights, as high beams reflect the light
back to you, creating glare. If visibility
becomes so poor that it is no longer safe
to continue driving, slow down and move
your vehicle well off the road to a safe
location. Turn on your hazard lights (four-
way flashers). Do not attempt to drive
until conditions improve. If a safe place to
park is not available, ensure that you and
your passengers move to a safe location
away from the vehicle in case it is hit.

Road surface conditions
that affect traction


Black ice is caused by moisture freezing
on the road surface. Often a driver cannot
see it. However, if the asphalt looks
shiny and black instead of grey-white, be
cautious, and reduce your speed without


Shaded areas may still be icy even after
the sun has melted the ice on other parts
of the road.



Use your low beam headlights when you are following within 150 metres (one-and-one-half city blocks)
     of another vehicle.


Use your low beam headlights when you are within 300 metres of oncoming vehicles.


80  A Driver's guide to operation, Safety and Licensing

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