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Class 7:

Radioactive materials are not named,
only described by activity
or package requirements.

Class 8:

Corrosive materials will corrode metal,
human skin and internal tissue.

Class 9:


9.1 Miscellaneous dangerous goods.
9.2 An environmentally hazardous
9.3 A dangerous waste.


A driver who is in charge of, in
management of, or in control of dangerous
goods when a dangerous incident
occurs such as a leak or a collision, or an
unintentional release or near release, must
immediately notify:
• the local police
• Alberta Government, Co-ordination
and Information Centre (CIC) at
• the owner of the vehicle
• the employer
• the person or company who owns the
consignment of dangerous goods.


Every driver who transports dangerous
goods, must have with them a copy of the
shipping document, waste manifest or any
other of the document(s) required by law.
The document(s) must be within reach or
in a pocket mounted on the driver’s door
when the driver is in the cab of the truck.
When not in the cab, the document(s)
must either be on the driver’s seat or in the
pocket on the driver’s door.

When a parked trailer carrying
dangerous goods is not attached to
the tractor, the person in charge of the
parking area must keep one copy of the
documents. If there is no one in charge of
the parking area, a copy of the documents
in a waterproof container should be
attached to the trailer, in a place easily
seen and accessible.

78 A Commercial Driver’s Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing

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