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driving. This applies to hands-free cellular
telephones as well. If you want to make
or receive a call, or receive or send a text
message, stop in a safe and legal place.

Do not do activities that allow you to
be distracted while driving. While all forms
of distracted driving can be hazardous,
the Traffic Safety Act includes fines and
 three demerits certain distractions. These
include using a hand-held cell phone, texting
or emailing, using electronic devices, such as
laptop computers, video games, cameras, video
entertainment displays and programming
portable audio players, entering
information on GPS units, reading printed
materials in the vehicle, writing, printing or
sketching, and personal grooming.

Securing passengers

In Alberta, all drivers and passengers
must be properly secured in the vehicle
with a seat belt or an approved child
safety seat attached by a seat belt or
an anchor system. Passengers 16 years
of age and older not properly secured
in the vehicle can be fined. You, as the
driver, are responsible for ensuring that all
passengers in your vehicle under 16 years
of age are properly secured. You can be
fined if they are not properly secured.

Child safety seats

A child under the age of six years and
who does not weigh more than 18
kilograms (40 pounds) must be properly
secured in a child safety seat. The child
safety seat must be installed in the vehicle


according to manufacturer’s instructions
of the vehicle and child safety seat.

All child safety seats used in Canada
must have a label on them that states
the product meets Canada Motor Vehicle
Safety Standard 213. Do not use a child
safety seat unless it has this label. Do not
use a child safety seat that is designed for
use in countries other than Canada.

There are various types of child safety
seats available. Choose one that is right for
your child’s age or weight.


All children, from birth, must ride in
either a rear-facing infant seat or a rear-
facing convertible seat until reaching
the recommended weight to switch to a
forward facing safety seat, according to
the manufacturer’s instructions.

All newer vehicles and child safety
seats come equipped with the universal
anchor system or UAS/LATCH. In older
vehicles, the child safety seat must be
properly secured into the vehicle using the
seat belt. Check the instruction manuals
for your vehicle and the child
safety seat for more information.

Rear-facing child safety seat.

90  A Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing

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