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    Points      Offence 
    2 points      Curfew - driving between midnight and 5 a.m. (Class 7 Learner 
    stage only) 
    Having more passengers than seat belts 
    Supervisor (accompanying driver) not fully qualified



Driver’s licence privilege suspensions:
• First – automatic one month
• Second (within one year) – automatic
   three month suspension.
• Third (within two years) – automatic six
   month suspension. You will be required
   to attend a hearing with the Alberta
   Transportation Safety Board.

You are required by law to give up
your driver’s licence on or before the
date your suspension begins. This can be
done at any Alberta Registry Agent office.

You may be eligible for a Restricted
Operator’s Licence. For more
information, visit www.transportation.

You may not appeal a demerit
point suspension. Convictions can only
be removed from your driving record
by an appeal through the courts.
Contact any Alberta Provincial Court
for more information.

When two years have passed from the
date of a conviction, the demerit points
assessed for that conviction are removed
from your driver’s record.

If a Government-approved defensive
driving course has been successfully
completed prior to accumulating 15

or more points, a three point credit is 
applied to your driving record  for a two
year period. Contact a driving school for more
information about government-approved
defensive driving courses.

Driving laws

Federal: Criminal Code of

Offences related to impaired driving are:
• impaired driving regardless of blood
   alcohol content
• blood alcohol level over the legal limit
• drug or drug-alcohol combination or
   a toxicological (blood or urine) sample
• refusing to provide a breath or
   blood sample
• impaired driving causing bodily harm
• impaired driving causing death
• driving while suspended or disqualified

If you are found guilty under the Criminal
Code of Canada of driving while impaired,
and you have: 
• been found guilty under Section 253 or
  254 of the Criminal Code of Canada,
   will be disqualified from driving and
   your licence is suspended for one year
   from the date of the finding of the guilt.
• a prior offence in the last 10 years,

CHAPTER NINE                                                                                 DRIVING WITHIN THE LAW  109

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