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Reinstatement of your
driver’s licence privileges
as a result of an alcohol or
drug related offence

When you are convicted of an alcohol,
drug, or alcohol-drug-related offence,
your driver’s licence privileges suspension
takes effect at that time.

A Notice of Suspension will be sent to
you by mail to the last recorded address
on your driver’s licence. Make sure your
driver’s licence has your current

Suspensions remain in effect until
all the conditions on the Notice of
Suspension are met. This includes drivers
who have left the province. Read your
notice carefully
to ensure you have
met the conditions of your suspension. If
you have not met the conditions of your
suspension your driving privileges may
not be reinstated.

The Notice of Suspension will include
all the conditions that must be met prior
to reinstatement of your driving privileges.

For an alcohol, drug, or alcohol-drug-
related driving charge some of the
conditions that you may have to meet
    1. Attend a one day driver program. 
    2. Attend a weekend driver program. 
    3. Mandatory participation in the Ignition 
       Interlock Program.

You will also be required to pay the
reinstatement fee and take a road test.

After your suspension period is over,
you must go to an Alberta Registry Agent
office and provide proof that you have
met your reinstatement requirements. The
registry agent will then be able to issue
you a driver’s licence. A written notice

that says your driving privileges have been
reinstated will be mailed to you.

If your driver’s licence expires
during the suspension period, it cannot
be renewed until all the conditions for
reinstatement have been met.

Ignition interlock program


If you have lost your driving privileges
through an impaired driving conviction,
the Ignition Interlock Program can
allow you to gain driving privileges
with conditions. Depending on the
circumstances, participation may be
voluntary or mandatory.

The program is mandatory for:
• all drivers who have more than one
   alcohol-related Criminal Code conviction
   in the past ten years
• first offences when the driver is
   convicted for driving with a bloodalcohol
   concentration (BAC) greater
   than the legal limit of 0.08
• Drivers who refuse to provide a
   breath, blood or toxicological (blood
   or urine) sample
• The Alberta Transportation Safety Board
   must approve your participation.
• You will have to pay all costs associated
   with the installation and maintenance of
   the approved ignition interlock device.

More information about this program can
be found at:

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