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Section 54 Roadside Maintenance

Roadside Maintenance Specifications

Edition 3, Issued May 2000


These specifications are applicable to the installation, repair and maintenance of components of the highway system not on the roadway surface but generally within the right-of-way. Specifications cover such things as signs, culverts, guardrail, fences, weed control, rest areas, septic tanks and other related highway appurtenances.

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Specification Number and Description

54.1   Mowing and Hand Trimming
54.4   Chemical Vegetation Control
54.5   Steaming Culverts
54.6   Cleaning Debris from Culverts
54.8   Removal of Culverts
54.9   Supply and Installation of Culverts
54.10   Repair Culvert Ends
54.12   Supply of Permanent Highway Signs
54.13   Maintenance of Highway Signs
54.17   Painting Steel Posts and Frames and Sign Structures
54.19   Guide Posts
54.20   Wildlife Reflectors
54.22   Remove and Dispose of Guardrail, Cable Barrier and Posts
54.23   Supply and Installation, Realign or Reset W-Beam Guardrail and Posts
54.24   Supply and Install Box Beam Guardrail and Posts
54.29   Repair or Remove Line Fence
54.30   Bridge Structure Cleaning
54.34   Beaver Control