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Section 55 Miscellaneous Specifications Edition 2

Miscellaneous Maintenance Specifications


This section contains specifications which establish the standards and procedures for the acquisition and supply of certain materials for maintenance functions and other specifications which do not fall within a clearly defined group.

Links open Version 2 Specifications as issued in July of 1998.

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Specification Number and Description


55.1   Traffic Accommodation and Temporary Signing Ver. 2          
55.2   Hauling Ver. 2          
55.3   Aggregate Production and Stockpiling Ver. 2          
55.4   Supply of Aggregate Ver. 2          
55.5   Supply of Asphalt Ver. 2          
55.6   Maintenance of Litter Bins and Toilets Ver. 2          
55.7   Disposal of Large Roadkill Ver. 2