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Information Bulletin - New Years Resolution Dec-07

December 5, 2007

Take the road less travelled

Resolve to become a better and more courteous driver in 2008

Edmonton At the start of every new year most people make resolutions about losing weight, cutting down on caffeine or quitting smoking. But resolving to become a better driver is typically not high on people’s list of resolutions because they already believe they are good drivers.

Many drivers, whether they acknowledge it or not, are part of Alberta's traffic safety problem because of poor driving habits and behaviour. All motorists can play a role in improving the safety on Alberta roads. Drivers can start small by being more courteous to other motorists and begin to build from there.

Resolve to become a better and more courteous driver in 2008 by following these traffic safety tips.

  • Count to at least three after stopping at a stop sign and before proceeding into the intersection.
  • Slow down in bad weather, at night and when driving on poorly lit roads.
  • Don't cut in and out of traffic; change lanes and pass only when it's necessary and safe.
  • Obey all stop, yield and merge signs.
  • Keep the stereo at moderate levels so the driver can hear what is going on around them.
  • Avoid distractions such as personal grooming, changing a CD, eating or drinking.
  • Pull over to a safe location to make or take calls on a cellular phone.
  • Turn the vehicle’s lights on for safety even in the daytime.
  • Never drink and drive – impairment starts with the first drink.

There's always something that every driver can improve on

All drivers could benefit from periodically reading the Basic Licence Driver's Handbook available free of charge at any Alberta registry office or by visiting http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/.

Start the New Year off by taking the road less travelled– resolve to become a better and more courteous driver in 2008. It's one New Year's resolution that is easy to keep with only a little time and effort.

Improving traffic safety is part of Premier Ed Stelmach’s plan to secure Alberta’s future by building communities, greening our growth and creating opportunity.

For more information about traffic safety, contact the Office of Traffic Safety at (780) 422-8839 or visit http://www.saferoads.com/.

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Media enquiries may be directed to:

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