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School Bus Operators


Ensuring the Safety of our Children: A Report on School Bus Safety in Alberta was developed in 2008 and contains an overview of all aspects of school bus safety including buses, operators and carriers/school bus companies. As a result of this report a number of recommendations were developed for the education of school bus operators and is included on this page.


Recommendation 5

Recruitment and Retention of Drivers

Alberta Transportation provided funding to the industry marketing initiative to recruit qualified and skilled operators. The following article provides information on the Getting On Board campaign.


Recommendation 6

Standardized Hiring Criteria 

Alberta Transportation to work with the industry to standardize hiring criteria for school bus operators to ensure consistency and maintenance of high standards.

To assist employers and potential new school bus operators an eLearning pre-employment course was developed in two formats. One format is a power point presentation that can be administered by an instructor which is to be delivered in a classroom setting. The second format is an on-line version and is designed for a person to do the course by themselves at their own pace from their home computer, employer's computer or any other access to the Internet. The following link will enable a person to gain access to the eLearning curriculum.

Recommendation 8

School Bus Commercial Driver Profile

All school bus operators will be included in the Commercial Driver Profile program. The following link provides the information for this program.


Recommendation 4

"S" Endorsement

Explained that the specific core components of the "S" endorsement be mandatory training and would be required once an operator has operated a school bus within one year of employment. The following link is the student manual that is to be used for new school bus operators who are taking the "S" endorsement and require a copy for the classroom setting.

Recommendation 7

Refresher Training for School Bus Operators

Alberta Transportation is to work with the school bus industry to provide "refresher training" through out the year and such training would also allow employers to target individual school bus operators needs and challenges such as winter driving. The following link will allow school bus operators or classroom instructors to use the five eLearning refresher training modules. These modules can be accessed by individual school bus operators and progress at their own pace. Instructors who can access the Internet in a classroom setting may also use this information. The five refresher modules deal with Defensive Driving, Winter Driving, Student Management, Bullying and Harassment and Road Rage.


Recommendation 9  

Route Risk Assessment

Outlined that a standardized route assessment checklist be developed to ensure that all areas of the province are consistently applying best practices concerning the safety of routes and any modifications required due to adverse conditions such as weather. The following link will provide you with this information.