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Maps and Renderings

In this section you will find design drawings of the Highway 2/Gaetz Avenue interchange as well as staging plans throughout construction once they are available.

Infographic explaining the project
Final Interchange Plan

Final design of Gaetz Avenue

At Gaetz Avenue, a new, larger bridge will replace the existing bridge. The existing bridge provides direct access to Highway 2 from Gaetz Avenue (southbound) into the left lane of highway traffic. To improve safety, the new bridge will span both Highway 2 and the north collector-distributor road, connecting Gaetz Avenue southbound to the southbound collector-distributor road. This will provide safer access to Highway 2. The northbound access to Gaetz Avenue, will be via the northbound collector-distributor road. This will include a curved ramp, to encourage exiting traffic to reduce speed.

Overhead view illustrating the new Gaetz Avenue bridge over Highway 2

Taylor Drive

At Taylor Drive, two existing bridges will be replaced with four new bridges. Two bridges will carry the new east and west collector-distributor roads, while the other two bridges will carry Highway 2 (see drawing below).

New ramps will be constructed to provide direct access from Highway 2 onto Taylor Drive.

Overhead view of Highway 2 and the location of four new bridge structures

Gasoline Alley

Access to Gasoline Alley East will be maintained from northbound Highway 2. Access to Gasoline Alley West from southbound Highway 2 will now be through a new roundabout at Leva Avenue.

Overhead view of Gasoline Alley East
 Overhead view of Gasoline Alley West with new roundabout at Leva Avenue