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Project History

The existing Gaetz Avenue interchange was constructed in 1962 as part of an upgrade to the Highway 2 corridor. In 1994, Taylor Drive and the Taylor Drive interchange within the City of Red Deer were constructed as an extension of Highway 2A, to provide access onto Highway 2.

In 2007, Alberta Transportation completed a functional planning study for the Highway 2/Gaetz Avenue and Taylor Drive Interchange. The plan focused on traditional concepts, with two separate interchanges for Gaetz Avenue and Taylor Drive providing access to Highway 2.

In 2009, Alberta Transportation moved forward with the design phase of the project which included input from the City of Red Deer, Red Deer County, local businesses, independent members of the construction and consulting industry as well as the general public. This input redefined the objective of this project by focusing on the separation of local and highway traffic. New collector-distributor roads were designed to provide access for local traffic, with separate ramps for high-speed traffic merging on and off the highway.

In 2010, a public involvement program was developed to address the proposed improvements to the Highway 2 corridor between the 32 Street and McKenzie Road interchanges. The program involved:

  • meeting with representatives of the community by way of establishing direct contact with interested individuals, groups and businesses;
  • conducting focus groups where local business representatives within the proximity of the Highway 2 corridor were invited to attend; and
  • addressing both Red Deer County and the City of Red Deer Councils to familiarize municipal leaders with the proposed corridor plans.

To read the full public involvement program click here.

The finalized design will integrate both Gaetz Avenue and Taylor Drive into a single interchange system to accommodate increased traffic volumes and increase safety for motorists.