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Highway 3 (Sentinel to Pincher Station) Functional Planning Study Upgrading and Twinning

Map displaying areas covered by the functional planning study for highway 3Map detailing study locations

Alberta Transportation is conducting a functional planning study for the upgrading and twinning of Highway 3 from Sentinel to Pincher Station. Open houses are part of this planning study.

November 2018 Public Information Session details:
November 29, 2018
4:00 pm 8:00 pm
MDM Community Centre
2802-222 St., Bellevue, AB

The study will define the design standards, access locations and identify the staging needed to upgrade the existing two-lane, undivided section to its ultimate four-lane classification and configuration.

This is a complex study due to the physical constraints, mountainous terrain, wildlife passages, environmental and cultural sensitivities. The study will identify the best achievable alignment and access management provisions.

Schedule: Expected study completion, October 2019.

Consultant: ISL Engineering and Land Services

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Firoz Kara, P.Eng.
Infrastructure Engineer
Alberta Transportation
Phone: 1-403-592-8170
Email: Firoz.Kara@gov.ab.ca

Highway 3 Functional Planning Study (Sentinel to Pincher Station): Hwy3fps@islengineering.com
Alana Somers, P.Eng., P.E.., PMP
Highway 3 Functional Planning Study, Project Manager
ISL Engineering and Land Services
Phone: 403-254-0544
Email: asomers@islengineering.com