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Collision Evaluation Process

The Carrier Services Branch of Alberta Transportation monitors truck and bus carriers under Alberta’s National Safety Code Program. Carriers that present unacceptable safety risk to the motoring public will be issued an Unsatisfactory Safety Fitness Rating.  This means they will no longer be permitted to register or operate a commercial vehicle registered under the National Safety Code program. See Progressive Discipline Program (pdf 16K).

Carrier Services uses the Carrier Profiles (pdf 17K) system to identify those carriers with an unacceptable collision history.  These carriers are placed on the department's monitoring program and advised it is their responsibility to request an evaluation for those collisions they feel were non-preventable.  

A carrier wishing to have a collision evaluated must complete a Collision Evaluation Application (2 MP)  attach all necessary information and mail the package to the Manager of National Safety Code (see contact information for address).

Alberta Transportation has entered into an agreement with the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), to perform collision evaluations.  Carrier Services will send applications they feel may be "preventable" to the AMTA for evaluation.  A committee administered by AMTA, comprised of trained motor transport industry personnel, will review the application and evaluate the collison for "preventability".  The evaluation will be subject to an administrative fee assessed by the AMTA.

The Collision Evaluation Committee will review the application and make its recommendation to the Registrar.  Based on all the information collected, the Registrar shall decide if the collision was preventable.  Those collisions found to be non-preventable will not be used in determining a Carrier's Safety Fitness Rating.

Unevaluated collisions will not be displayed on a carrier's profile until 45 days after the date that the collision occurred.  

Collisions are evaluated using the criteria established by the National Safety Council http://www.nsc.org/  Carriers are urged to routinely evaluate their collisions to determine preventability and then take remedial action, if warranted, to ensure similar type collisions do not re-occur in the future. 


Reference manual, "Guide to Determine Motor Vehicle Accident Preventability" can be purchased from the National Safety Council website at http://shop.nsc.org/  and click on Books and Manuals.  You can also complete a course called, "Collision Investigation", offered through the Alberta Motor Transport Association - Courses site

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