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Geotechnical and Erosion Control

The design and construction of roads, and bridges, is a matter of judiciously applying the concepts of soil and rock mechanics.  In addition to existing, once constructed infrastructure is subject to ongoing geohazards.  These geohazards might be a rapid landslide or rock fall, or might be a slower process such as wind or water erosion.  This page provides links to design manuals, the department’s annual geohazard risk management assessment reports and other useful information related to geotechnical and erosion control. 

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Best Management Practices
The Geotechnical and Materidals Services Secton has identified key Geotechnical procedures to be followed on AT projects.


Geotechnical and Erosion Control Design Guides
The following manuals can also be purchased from Alberta Transportation by calling
Nicola Camplin at  780-415-1068


Annual Landslides Assessments


Erosion Control BMPs


Geotechnical and Erosion Control Resource Materials