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  This guide is about operating a motorcycle,
  riding one safely, and obtaining a class 6
  (motorcycle) licence. It also has information
  about mopeds and power-assisted
  bicycles. It is a supplement to A Driver’s
  Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing
  (Cars and Light Trucks), which outlines the
  rules of the road for all road users.

  These two guides contain the
  information beginner and experienced
  riders need to ride safely. They also provide
  the information needed for the knowledge
  test for riding a motorcycle and moped,
  and for the practical road test to obtain a
  licence to operate a motorcycle.

  Some of the information in this guide
  also applies to mopeds and power-assisted
  bicycles. However, the term motorcycle
  will be used throughout this guide. Riders
  of mopeds and power-assisted bicycles
  should read relevant sections.

  These guides are available at all Alberta
  registry agent offices. They are also available
  on-line at www.transportation.alberta.ca in
  the Drivers and Vehicles section.

  The information in this guide explains
  best practices for motorcycle riding, but
  cannot cover all circumstances. The
  motorcycle rider must use judgment and
  a safety-first attitude to make decisions
  when riding in real on-road situations.

  This guide interprets the laws that
  govern the movement of vehicles and
  people on Alberta roadways. It is a guide
  only, and has no legal authority.


The laws that apply to operating a
vehicle can be found in the Traffic Safety
Act and its related regulations.

These documents are available at
www.qp.alberta.ca/Laws_Online.cfm, and:

Queen’s Printer Bookstore
Main Floor, Park Plaza
10611–98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2P7

Tel: 780–427–4952
Fax: 780–452–0668
For toll free service anywhere in Alberta,
call 310-0000, then the number.

For more driver and
vehicle information

Some registry agent offices provide
knowledge tests and arrange road
tests with driver examiners. The driver
examiners operate independently and are
not employees of the registry.

To find testing services, and information
about driver licensing and vehicle registration:
• visit www.servicealberta.ca/1641.cfm
• visit the Association of Alberta Registries
   at www.e-registry.ca
• refer to your local directory under
   License and Registry Services
• call 780–427–7013 (Service Alberta)

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