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Vehicle Inspection Program

Transportation plays a key role in moving goods and people across Alberta.  Through monitoring and enforcing safety standards, Alberta Transportation aims to keep the province’s highways safe for all road users.

In order to maintain a safe highway system Alberta Transportation inspects and monitors commercial carriers for safety compliance and for the protection of our highway infrastructure.

Vehicle Inspection Program

Networks of private facilities and technicians are licensed by the Vehicle Safety Section to conduct inspections under the Vehicle Inspection Program.  Registered owners are responsible for ensuring that each bus, truck light truck or trailer owned by them receives the required inspection.  Annual inspections need to be completed on trucks, truck-tractors, light trucks, trailers and semi-trailers with a combined weight of 11,794 kilograms when operating intra-provincially and 4,500 kg when operating extra-provincially.  As well, all registered buses designed to carry more than 10 passengers, including the driver, must be inspected semi-annually.

Information for:

Inspection Facilities and Technicians

Registered Owners of Commercial Vehicles

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Vehicle Safety