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Road Restrictions / Road Bans

Road Ban and Seasonal Weight Notification

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From time to time Alberta's roads are restricted because of construction, maintenance or seasonal conditions such as the spring thaw.

Please see Applications, Permits and Prorate (click on the link to the left) for programs associated with the use of provincial highways.

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Road Restrictions
This section provides information about route restrictions due to dimensional constraints of highways because of overhead structures and bridge maintenance projects.

Lane Restrictions (pdf)

Other Road Authorities

Restricted Bridge List (pdf)

Vertical Bridge Clearance (pdf)

Road Bans
This section provides a list of provincially banned roads.

Road Bans (unofficial) (pdf)

A list of the ban sections may also be obtained by polling our fax machine number (403) 340-5092.

Toll free road ban information for provincial highways can be obtained by dialing 1-855-ROADBAN (1-855-762-3226).

Current information on road bans on local roads in Counties and Municipal Districts should be obtained through their individual offices.

Road ban exemption permit applications can be completed using the following PDF form and e-mailed to the Central Permit Office at: central.permits@gov.ab.ca or faxed to 403-340-5278.

Road Ban Exemption Permit Request (pdf)

Seasonal Weights
Seasonal weights for heavy haul are set according to the following schedule:

  • Spring: weather dependant, subject to thaw depth readings and begins at same time as Period 1 weights for service rigs
  • Post-Thaw: June 16 (may begin one week earlier or one week later)
  • Summer: July 1
  • Fall: September 1
  • Winter: weather dependant, subject to frost depth readings of 1 metre or more.

Seasonal weights for service rigs are set according to the following schedule:

  • Period 1: weather dependant, subject to thaw depth readings and begins at same time as Spring weights for heavy haul
  • Period 2: June 16 (may begin one week earlier or one week later)
  • Period 3: July 16
  • Period 4: September 1

Historical Seasonal Weight Changes (pdf)

Frost and thaw depths are monitored from a network of 67 electronic thermistors throughout the province and used to determine the start of Spring/Period 1 seasons, Winter/Period 4 seasons and placement of thaw or frost line.

Click on the link below to view placement of current frost or thaw line.

Thaw/Contour Map (pdf)