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Driver Guides

It takes study and practice to be a safe driver. With the knowledge and skill that comes from education and training, drivers will become more aware of their responsibilities when behind the wheel and the role they play in improving traffic safety. Driving is a privilege; everyone who drives must be licensed to drive properly and safely.

Note: Some documents on this site require Acrobat Reader 10.0 or better, available for free from Adobe.

Becoming a Driver

The Driver's Guide provides information on how to obtain a learner's license or driver's license for passenger vehicles, small trucks, vans and recreational vehicles.

Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing  (pdf 17.61 MB) Version July 2016

Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing (Web version) Version July 2016

Guide du conducteur sur la conduite, la sécurité et la délivrance de permis de conduire  (pdf 20.50 MB) Version May 2013. This French translation of the Driver's Guide is produced by the Francophone Secretariat of Alberta Culture.

Additional Resources

Online practice tests: these tests will show you what types of questions you may be asked. Please note, these online practice tests do not use the same software as the tests at the registry agent offices. There will be differences in how questions are displayed and how you move between questions.

Practice Class 7 Test One

Practice Class 7 Test Two

Geared to Go: A Workbook for Coaching New Drivers  (pdf 1.99 MB)

Driver's knowledge test available in multiple languages  (pdf 209.55 KB)

Retailers for the Driver’s Guide in Selected Languages  (pdf 58.87 KB)

Licence Prep Kits: these kits have been developed by the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta. They are not a publication of the Government of Alberta and Alberta Transportation takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. For more information regarding these kits visit their web site at the following link:  passingzoneprepkits.ca

Translators for Driver Licence Knowledge Tests

Effective November 10, 2017, changes were made to the Translator Identification Number (TIN) Program. There are new requirements for registering with Alberta Transportation to provide sight translation of Class 3, 6 and 7 driver's licence knowledge tests. Please see the documents below. 

Requesting a Translator for Class 7 Knowledge Tests  (pdf 181.52 KB)

Translator Identification Number (TIN) Program Application Process  (pdf 163.59 KB)

List of Approved Translator Agencies  (pdf 146.07 KB)

Translator Identification Number (TIN) Program Code of Conduct  (pdf  97.11 KB)

Translator Application  (pdf 66.0 KB)

Preparing for Your Road Test

This information guide will help you learn what to expect on your road test and what the driver examiner will be looking for. This will help you to be better prepared to be successful the first time. This information is primarily for Class 5 (basic and advanced) and Class 4 road tests.

Preparing for Your Road Test  (pdf 629.0 KB)

Becoming a Rider

Provides additional information on how to obtain a motorcycle operator's license and is used as a supplement to the Driver's Guide.

Rider's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing  (pdf 1.52 MB) Version April 2014

Rider's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing  (Web version) Version April 2014

New Motorcycle Test (pdf 743K)

New Motorcycle Test Information Handout  (pdf 1.7 MB)

Owning and Operating a Power Bicycle or Moped in Alberta  (pdf 63 KB)

Owning and Operating a Small Vehicle in Alberta  (pdf 1.0 MB)

Safety for Cyclists and Motorists

Information on safety for cyclists and motorists on where to ride and share the road. Click on the link below.
City of Edmonton - Let's Get There Together 

Becoming a Commercial Driver

Provides additional information on driving as a profession, such as driving large trucks, tractor-trailers, taxis, emergency vehicles and buses and is used as a supplement to the Driver's Guide.

Commercial Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing  (pdf 14.84 MB) Version July 2016

Commercial Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing  (Web version) Version July 2016