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Section 53 Surface Maintenance Section 3

Surface Maintenance Specifications 

Version 3, Issued May 2000


These specifications are applicable to the work involved in maintaining and repairing the roadway surface of the highway system. With the exception of work on gravel surfaced roadways, repair of appurtenances and emergency duties, most of the work performed under this section is performed during milder weather.

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Specification Number and Description

53.1   Excavation and Backfill
53.2   Pit_Run Gravel
53.3   Granular Base Course
53.4   Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealing
53.5   Asphalt Pavement Crack Routing and Sealing
53.6   Asphalt Pavement Surface Sealing - Fog Coat
53.7   Asphalt Pavement Surface and Crack Repair - Spray Patch
53.8   Asphalt Pavement Transverse Crack Repair - Mill and Fill
53.9   Asphalt Surface Treatment
53.10   Asphalt Pavement Pothole Patching
53.11   Production of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Material
53.12   Production of Asphalt Stabilized Base Course Material
53.13   Asphalt Pavement Surface Patching
53.14   Asphalt Pavement Deep Patching
53.16   Saw Cutting of Asphalt Concrete Pavement
53.17   Roadway and Raised Median Cleaning
53.20   Painted Roadway Lines
53.21   Painted Pavement Markings
53.22   Permanent Pavement Markings
53.24   Raised Pavement Markers
53.27   Maintenance and Preparation of Gravel Surface Roads and Snow Removal and Ice Control on Gravel and Paved Surfaces
53.29   Spot Gravelling
53.30   Gravel Surfacing
53.31   Supply and Apply Dust Abatement
53.33   Maintenance of Livestock Guards
53.34   Supply of Livestock Guards
53.35   Installing, Repairing or Removing and Disposing of Livestock Guards
53.36   Emergency Sign Package
53.37   Supply of Flagpersons for Emergency Traffic Control
53.38   Supply of Arrowboards for Traffic Control
53.39   Highway Maintenance Work
53.41   Milled Rumble Strips