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Program Description


There are some 72 paved community airports across the province. Complementing these community airports are regional and federal airports, including the local Calgary and Edmonton Regional Airport Authorities which are responsible for several small airports (including Springbank and Cooking Lake).

Benefits of Program

Community airports are considered a necessary part of the transportation infrastructure and provide access to communities for resource, medical, tourism and personal travel.

Alberta Transportation's overall goal is to maintain and protect the existing network of public licensed community airports in support of safe airport operations, general aviation operations and commercial air charters, forest fire suppression, medi-vac operations, local and regional economic development, and protection of provincial investment in airports.

Funding Policy

The Community Airport Program will provide funding assistance to community-owned, public-use airports for their rehabilitation and construction requirements.

For existing community airports, eligible projects include major capital rehabilitation of the airside portion of the airport, specifically the aircraft operating areas such as the primary runway, apron, and primary taxiway from main/terminal apron to runways.  Typical projects would be pavement rehabilitation, including fog seals, slurry seals, and overlays.  Consideration will be given to runway extensions where benefits can be demonstrated in terms of the overall goals of the program, where budget is available, and where beneficiaries provide a significant financial contribution to the project.  The program will provide up to 1/3 funding, with the municipality and industry funding 1/3 each.