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2018 Traffic Impacts


Glenmore Trail / Sarcee Trail

Road users travelling between Highway 8, Glenmore Trail and Sarcee Trail will be guided through a detour at this intersection. Lights will remain in place for travel in all directions, but be moved further north along Sarcee Trail. Travel specifically between Highway 8 and Glenmore Trail in both directions will require the use of a specially constructed U-Turn detour located in the media between the two travel directions along Sarcee Trail.

Plans the current detour will remain in effect until Fall 2019. The detour configuration may modify as work progresses.

Lakeview and Glenmore Trail

Beginning in June 2018, access between Glenmore Trail and the community of Lakeview will be realigned along the new Grey Eagle Boulevard. Access between Grey Eagle Boulevard and Glenmore Trail will be from the existing traffic circle north of Glenmore Trail. The lone exception to this is for eastbound travelers along Glenmore Trail, who will access Grey Eagle Boulevard from the off-ramp. Detours and signage will remain in place until this section is complete in fall 2020.

Grey Eagle Boulevard will connect to an interchange that will provide access to 37 Street SW south of Glenmore Trail.

Road Closures Delayed To 2019

The permanent closure of the following intersections has been delayed until 2019 to minimize disruption to the travelling public:

  • 37 Street SW and Highway 22X
  • 45 Street SW and Glenmore Trail

Intermittent closures before 2019 may still be required on an as-needed basis. This schedule change was made following public consultation with road users in the areas.